The Detailed View

This article aims to explain the functionalities of each of the icons that can be found on the Detailed View page of each equipment on the MOVUS Dashboard. 

1. Equipment Photos

The photos that you've submitted during the onboarding process can be found here with the Overall Location photo set as the default. Click on the picture to see the whole photo and cycle through other uploaded images. 

2. Equipment Running Indicator

The fan in the top right-hand corner of the screen is an indicator of whether your equipment is running or off as determined by the installed FitMachine. If the equipment is currently running the fan will spin whereas the fan will be stationary if the equipment is off or the FitMachine has not reported in the last 24 hours. 

3. AI Output Chart

Press this button to show the AI Output Chart. This chart will quickly show how the equipment is running in relation to the vibration patterns learned during the Calibration process.

4. Measured Data Chart

Press this button to show the Measured Data Chart. This chart is a great way to view the raw data output directly from the sensors and can be used to determine how quickly a trend will become a serious issue. 

5. Equipment Usage Chart

Press this button to show the Equipment Usage Chart. This chart is a good way of checking all equipment is running under the conditions expected of it as well as how many stops and starts the equipment has across a period of time.

6. View All Charts

Press this button in order to view the AI Output Chart, Measured Data Chart and Equipment Usage Chart in order, one below the other. 

7. Previous / Next Equipment

Use these directional buttons to move to the previous equipment (left) or next equipment (right) in the list view. These buttons are dependent on whether the Filter box on the List View was used. If the List View was filtered, the buttons will redirect you to the previous / next equipment in the filtered list.  

8. The Settings Button

Next to the Previous / Next Equipment directional buttons is the Edit button. This has functions as follows

  • Edit, which will take you to the Edit Device page on the Dashboard where you can adjust any of the fields that were added during the onboarding process.
  • Mute for 48 Hours - Will stop alarms from this device for the next 48 Hours
  • Mute for 1 week - Will stop alarms from this device for the coming week
  • UnMute - if the asset is already muted, this will allow you to 'Unmute' it

9. Chart Legend

The chart legend button will open up the legend for the selected chart. 

[add a picture of the legends]

10. Zoom Data by Period

The 4 boxes will zoom into the Chart selected and show the period of time selected by the user. It's possible to view the data from a single day, a week, a month, or all of the data collected by the FitMachine during the time it has been installed. 

11. Zoom Data by Date

By entering dates into the two fields above the right-hand side of each of the charts, it's possible to zoom the data of the chart such that only the data between the two dates is displayed. This is a valuable tool for isolating an incident or highlighting the difference in running data between two separate periods. 

12. Condition / Degradation Sliders

These sliders display the health of your equipment as calculated by the MOVUS AI. The colours match with the those found in the AI Analytics Chart will change as the recorded data is placed in each region. 

13. Equipment Information Table

The Equipment Info Table is filled with what the MOVUS team have deemed the most important information including: Equipment Name, Sub-area Name, Site Name, Installation Date, Notes and Equipment MAC Address.

14. E-Chart

The E-Chart is the small chart at the bottom of each of the charts which allows you to manually zoom into a certain period of time. This is useful for isolating an operating incident to get a better look at the data received before, during and following a particular event. You can zoom by clicking and dragging the edges of the E-chart to zoom in and out or click and drag the sliding bar at the bottom to move the zoomed region to where you'd like. 

15. Extra Information Table

The information in this table is equipment specific data that is not deemed the most important for the equipment. This includes: ISO Class, Client Name, Equipment Number, Equipment Brand, Equipment Model Number, Equipment Capacity, Power Rating, Confined space and GPS coordinates.