Interactive FFT

This article outlines what Interactive FFT is, how it helps you, and how you can access it.

What is Interactive FFT?

FitMachines collect and send a compressed summary of vibration data to detect unusual behaviour. By contrast, traditional fault diagnostics usually analyse a Fourier transform of the vibration signal, also commonly known as an FFT (an acronym of the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm).

This feature provides you with an Interactive FFT every 2 days. With it, you can zoom in and out to analyse a portion of a spectrum.

Why is it useful?

This can assist with preliminary fault identification, helping to determine which maintenance activities are likely to resolve the issue.

How can I access it?

On FitMachine V3s, higher-resolution FFT data is transmitted on a regular basis to facilitate more advanced vibration analysis. The most recent such FFT can be viewed by visiting a specific FitMachine's MachineCloud page and clicking the "Latest FFT" button.

Latest FFT

Please note that the capacity for Interactive FFT is currently only available for V3 FitMachines at no cost for a limited time and requires activation for your organisation on our behalf. Once activated, the chart will be located on the device page for any asset.

If you're interested in activating this feature for your assets, please contact MOVUS Support here.